Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

Regina,This veteran community has come together in amazing ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s nothing short of inspiring to see how veterans are helping other veterans get through this especially difficult time.Through our COVID-19 Unemployment Relief program, more than 5,000 veterans who have lost their jobs are getting critical unemployment relief and other assistance to help them buy food, pay bills and make ends meet. This urgent assistance is only possible thanks to the help of our generous DAV community.Another way our community is coming together during DAV’s centennial year is through our 100 Acts of Honor challenge. This is a grassroots effort created to honor our brothers and sisters in arms. And in a time when a helping hand is needed more than ever, participating in 100 Acts of Honor is a great way to help veterans in need during this crisis.You can sign up at www.dav.org/help-dav/volunteer/ and connect with appropriate no-contact ways to give back, or create your own volunteer opportunity. Whether it’s delivering groceries for a veteran who is more susceptible to COVID-19 or connecting with fellow veterans on video chat to help everyone feel less alone, every act — large or small — will add up and help honor our brothers and sisters in arms. Be sure to share your event on social media with #100ActsofHonor.Thank you so much for being a member of DAV and a part of this powerful community ensuring that no veteran ever has to go it alone.Douglas K. Wells, Jr.Douglas K. Wells, Jr.
DAV National Membership Director